Friday, June 18, 2010

Stay Close, Don't Go.

I traveled back to my hometown of Clinton this past week, and had such an amazing time. The trip is now only 4 hours and 45 minutes and well worth every minute of traveling. I am closer than I have been in two years and I will take any opportunity to see my best.
Ohio is a breeze to travel through but as soon as Indiana hits its almost torture. They fool you entering into this "lovely" state by saying oh sure you can go 70. How exciting right? WRONG. I do not think I have ever seen more orange cones/signs than I have in this one stupid state. I think they put the speed limit to 70 because in no way can you even get going that quickly. I went between 40-55 the whole time in non-stop traffic. At one point I even got so lucky that traffic completely stopped and everyone was out of their cars eating picnics on the side of the road.
As soon as I entered into my old radio station airwaves I cried! I know that sounds stupid but it was just so overwhelming. I do this every time I come home but still. I even keep my old presets in my car! When I got to Clinton I made Jeni go to El Ray with me! My absolutely favorite restaurant ever. Ramee (Jeni's sister) and Nora met us there too, where we got to witness and actual fight. How WT. A guy actually threw a knife at the person he was sitting with. El Policia were called and everything turned out fine. I was also trying to "lay low" and not let a lot of people know I was back, but fortunately my favorite one and only Letta (Paul) was there and I got to see him for a few minutes. He impacted my life so much more than he will ever know. I love him for being the best youth pastor in the world. But again, everyone knows everyone in our small little town so laying low was not an option. Ha.

In addition to seeing my best friend Jeni, I got to see Ramee and her beautiful kids! They are just the most sweet and loving kids. As soon as I came into their house they even told me their bible verses :) I just love them. When they smile it just makes me realize how great of a mom Ramee is for raising them in the truth. I have so much respect for her, even though I know it is probably extremely hard sometimes, she still manages to keep her home Godly. When you look into their eyes you can just so clearly see God's light shining through them all. When they look up and say "I love you" it is so sincere and beautiful.

I knew I loved them instantly. I actually had dreams both times Ramee had been pregnant before she even told anyone. I am so lucky to have a best friend, and one that I am so close to in every way including her family. I am so happy to know the Larson's and to be able to watch their kids grow up.

I also went with Bree, my beautiful cousin riding around Sunday night. No pictures were taken and I am not sure why? But I love her and I love that she would want to ride around in the car and talk to me for hours about nothing. As soon as I got into the car it was like nothing had changed and we picked right back up were we left off.

I also made Jeni go to Monicals with me and Avanties. Two places I have missed entirely too much.

As you can see Braden wore the cutest shirt ever. Ah he is a doll.
We also went to Bloomington to see Megs and also Jeni's boyfriend Chaddddyyy boy who is just wonderful. We ate at Avanties. I didn't want to be too much of a creep so I just took a picture of the building where we ate :)

I am so glad my best has someone that has mended her heart and will continue to do so. She deserves the best and I am thankful God placed her into my life. I couldn't have asked for anything any better. But again, God knows what you need and he knew I needed her. We have been best friends since 4th grade, and not a day goes by that we don't speak. Here is a few more photos of the week!

PS. I got home and Husband had a lovely surprise waiting for me. A brand new camera!!!!!!!! I will post this on a separate entry though. It is beautiful.


  1. Dinah!
    Love this post and love you! I LOVE THAT PICTURE OF YOU AND NORA! Keep updating...I'm reading;)

  2. I like that you didn't tell me you got a new camera! That's the kind of stuff you tell your sister! I loved this blog post :) I laughed out loud a lot. Love you seeester