Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Smuesday.

Today I am grouchy. Honestly I am trying not to be but it seems to not be getting any better. Carlos is VERY dirty and needs cleaned bad and all of the empty pop cans and dirt on the floor is making me crazy I do believe. However, I did learn today that I get to go to DC next week with the fam! Yay Yay Yay!!!
I have been pretty productive the last couple of days. I took Rox my Sox a bath and decided she needed to upgrade to the collar since she is a big girl now. So after the bath I cut her hair and put a new pony tail on top of her head and put on her new collar. She is not liking it, she loved her harness. I think she is upset about the change, and although she felt pretty in her harness, I felt a tad differently. She loves to sit and watch out the window, so here is a picture. Love her.

I also decided yesterday that I was going to put together new clothing ideas on hangers because I am over wearing the same clothes every other day. I am trying to expand my wardrobe and while doing so I realized I have so many beautiful shoes begging to be worn. I text B telling him to please not let me buy any new shoes because the ones in my closet are perfectly fine and are in need of a good walk. I put together around 10 different church outfits and slightly under that of casual outfits. I have a hard time with casual because although I have good intentions, I end up in my Miley Cyrus oversized WalMart tee's. Thank you for inventing your line, Miley, it has made my life so much better. These lovely oversized t-shirts are so easy to wear and I now own them in every color. However, they are still $5 at WalMart.
Dear Miley- I think you should lower your prices because the same shirts are selling for $2 at American Eagle. They are just as cute and comfortable and AE has the little bra-top things to match under them... You need to get more competitive. Sincerely your favorite customer.
I also bought her jackets for $3 in black and white and they are great purchasing buys as well. I am a barman shopper! Anything on sale I feel like I must buy it. Its a curse. We went to the Goodwill here to see if their selections would be as good as NC. For the girls it was a miss, I was verryyy saddened by the pitiful selection. I did however pick up a skirt from H&M for $2.50 which is perfect- its dressy and gray. Baruch however hit the jackpot. Apparently someone his size dropped off a ton of great clothes! He got 2 Ruehl dress shirts and the new Military style shirts originally from Express brand new. We were very excited.
I even took pictures with my new cam! These are pointless I just wanted to use the camera.

Speaking of new camera, I got home from Jeni's and this is what I saw-

Thanks husband.

PS. Kenz I LOVE your sunglasses that you left in my car.

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