Saturday, June 5, 2010

DIY- Becoming Domesticated

It has been a week since I could get back on! And this is coming from a jobless someone. Clearly I have been busy.
I have now moved all of my belongings into the house and everything is coming along perfectly. All of my furniture has a place and I think it looks splendid. I have three closets now which is just an amazing thing! I have been obsessively cleaning and discovered that I love Old English wood polish. It is a great addition to my collection of cleaning supplies. I seriously love cleaning supplies. I am thankful to have the break to be able to do something I enjoy right now. Unfortunately it has been raining every day here, but it has slightly helped motivate me to stay indoors. All of my years of watching HGTV has actually helped because I have been trying to stage the house so when people come in they can see the potential. I also now have an office space to sit in, which is a definite upgrade from sitting in my bed on my computer.
We put together a bookshelf! It was supposed to take a lot less time, but it got done.

Roxi even fell asleep in the middle of this process! We are not carpenters.

Rox is a big girl now (ha, notice her diaper). She has had a rough week, and is trying to get settled. She loves the fact that she can sit and look out the window. I think she possibly has a boyfriend across the street. It is a huge Golden Retriever and although he is very handsome, I do not think they would be a good match. This is what I wake up to in the morning and I love it. She completely brightens my day!

I have also been at the church trying to get all of the updates finished so it is not a construction zone. I feel like all I do is clean and organize, but this works for me. I am just thankful to have time off from having a job and going to school. No worries, I will start back up in the fall, but I just wanted a small break. Also, Westerville has a million places to eat, and also a great mall just around the corner. I am trying to stay away from the huge XXI but, alas, it seems impossible.

Baruch and I went to the park and hung out. It is really crowded during the day, so we went at night. It was a great time! Yes, we are still kids. Who cares right?

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